Course From Inception - Masterclass By: Rachel Nekati

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Having successfully developed online courses both for Achievement Enterprises Online Centre of Excellence and other online training platforms; with more than a decade in the Training and Coaching environment, I am looking forward to helping you turn your knowledge into income and build a lasting legacy!

What You Will Get:

1. Interactive ONLINE  Tutorials

2. Downloadable templates

3. Downloadable checklists

4. Access to Weekly Virtual QnA discussions

5. Free Membership to Course From Inception Online Community

6. Join Weekly Facebook Live QnA Sessions

Additional BONUS Options:

1. One on one ( 1 hr ) Course Development Coaching @ $50.00 per session

2. Sell your Online Course on our Achievers Centre of Excellence and get a FREE Sales Page Design

Who Is It Suitable For?

* Individuals who are interested in teaching Online

* Individuals who want to design a course from scratch

* Teachers and Lectures who want to re-purpose their existing courses to be online compatible

* Individuals who would like to share their skills, passion, hobby and knowledge online

Be an Edupreneur.

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This Course From Inception is for Trainers, Coaches and Individuals who want to turn their Expertise, Skills or Passion into an Online Course, Tutorial or Masterclass. I will Help you Design or Re-Purpose new and existing Courses to Sell Online.

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About The Trainer

Rachel Nekati is an accredited trainer, life coach,author and the  founder of Achievement Enterprises. She is married and a loving mother of two. Rachel has successfully delivered high level leadership in her 15 years in banking  and a year in the mining industry respectively.

Rachel captures and fascinates her audience with her knowledge, insight and wisdom. Her ability to motivate people to take deliberate and consistent action, ensures that the training gets ingrained in the hearts and minds of participants and enables them accomplish their life  goals and objectives.

She has served in many corporate boards and chaired various board subcommittees. Rachel hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and many other credentials  including  Life Coaching,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and other qualifications.

Having spent a considerable number of years coaching and mentoring  people across the world, Rachel finds joy in sharing knowledge, imparting skills as well as changing peoples lives in a positive way.

Rachel has shared her Intermittent Fasting  transformational  journey in her Internationally published book 'Just Eat - Intermittent Fasting lifestyle'.

Rachel Nekati is driven by Passion, Purpose and Impact.

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