Change Management - By Rachel Nekati

Change Management - By Rachel Nekati

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Change is here to Stay. Learn how to Accept and Embrace it.

You can't run away from it; you can't make it go away. You can't return to the good old days. You can't continue to do your job as you have always done it.

In this fast-changing environment, change management skills are paramount if you wish to succeed. No matter your job, you must learn to manage change.

This course  will equip employees, employers, adults as well as adolescents  with practical skills and techniques of managing change, and learn how to heal from loss, disappointment which usually result from change. We will explore both stages of gain as well as stages of loss and the proposed coping interventions; to successfully manage  transitions effectively.

The course further explores the physiological implications of certain emotions such as anger and how to manage challenging emotions and thoughts during change.  We also discuss various methods and techniques  which assist in increasing the level of acceptance and successfully move forward during the transition.

Move . Adapt . Change . Change

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About The Trainer

Rachel Nekati is an accredited trainer, life coach,author and the  founder of Achievement Enterprises. She is married and a loving mother of two. Rachel has successfully delivered high level leadership in her 15 years in banking  and a year in the mining industry respectively.

Rachel captures and fascinates her audience with her knowledge, insight and wisdom. Her ability to motivate people to take deliberate and consistent action, ensures that the training gets ingrained in the hearts and minds of participants and enables them accomplish their life  goals and objectives.

She has served in many corporate boards and chaired various board subcommittees. Rachel hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and many other credentials  including  Life Coaching,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and other qualifications.

Having spent a considerable number of years coaching and mentoring  people across the world, Rachel finds joy in sharing knowledge, imparting skills as well as changing peoples lives in a positive way.

Rachel has shared her Intermittent Fasting  transformational  journey in her Internationally published book 'Just Eat - Intermittent Fasting lifestyle'.

Rachel Nekati is driven by Passion, Purpose and Impact.


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